A&J Restaurant in Irvine

Tripe and Beef Tendon.  Who’s in??!!  That question normally gets greeted with the sound of crickets.  But for me, this stuff is delicious.   And no, I didn’t grow up eating this stuff.  I took it upon myself to try these tasty things in my twenties and never looked back.   So when I see them […] [...more]

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Marche Moderne at South Coast Plaza – “I’ll have Fois Gras with that Gucci handbag”

So, we’re in the shopping mecca that is South Coast Plaza, on the 3rd floor dubbed “The Penthouse”, next to Nordstrom.   Marche Moderne.                     A nice little morsel to start off with. In case you don’t know, I love duck.             […] [...more]

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I need Chinese Food! Let’s go to Sam Woo in Irvine!

Sam Woo in Irvine is a go to place for many seeking great Chinese food in Orange County.   Today, I join the many!                   Aah yes, the unmistakable flavor and texture of tripe.  When done correctly, it becomes very tender with just the right amount of chew.  […] [...more]

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