Slapfish in Huntington Beach

I like discovering new restaurants simply by stumbling upon them while driving.  That’s the case with Slapfish in my hometown of Huntington Beach.  The staff gave us a quick 411 on the place.  Apparently they started as one of the hottest food trucks in Orange County.  Their success on wheels was so great that the […] [...more]

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Seafood Kuro Curry at Curry House Cypress

Curry House is a chain of restaurants that I love. I have to admit, prior to coming here for the first time 10 years ago, I didn’t realize the extensive role that curry had in Japanese cuisine. I usually get their standard curry dishes which are great but today I wanted to try their Seafood […] [...more]

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Sizzling Galbi Short Ribs served with Bubbling Hot Tofu Soup

BCD Tofu House in Cerritos.  Okay, its not in Orange County but it’s just a stones throw away.   I’ve heard bad things about the service at their Garden Grove location.  They’ve also got a location in Irvine that I’ve yet to go to.  As for the one in Cerritos, I have nothing but good things […] [...more]

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