New Harima in Cypress

I have been going to New Harima at least once a month for the last 11 years.  There are very few restaurants I can say this about.  It’s partly due to the fact that I work very close to it but mostly due to the great food and friendly staff. To start, Oysters in ponzu […] [...more]

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Sweetee Thai in Cypress

Ahh, Thai Food.  The food of my people.  While there’s no doubt that the best variety of authentic Thai food is in LA, it doesn’t mean you can’t find great Thai food in OC.  This is certainly the case for the more common Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, which every Thai restaurant serves.  And […] [...more]

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Seafood Kuro Curry at Curry House Cypress

Curry House is a chain of restaurants that I love. I have to admit, prior to coming here for the first time 10 years ago, I didn’t realize the extensive role that curry had in Japanese cuisine. I usually get their standard curry dishes which are great but today I wanted to try their Seafood […] [...more]

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Echizen in Cypress

Echizen is located in a strip mall on Valley View Blvd across from Cypress College.  It’s apparently the go to Japanese place for Japanese people in Cypress.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s a good sign. It’s a pretty small place with a 10 or so tables and a sushi […] [...more]

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