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Sealegs Wine Bar Introduces Craft Cocktails and New Fall Menu Items!

Posted on 14 September 2014 by Danny


No one can question that SeaLegs is a success.  Just walk in on any day of the week and it’s evident in the happy faces of their patrons.  Rather than resting on their laurels and plateauing at that level of success, they’ve continually challenged themselves to find new ways to improve the SeaLegs experience.  The introduction of craft cocktails is just the latest addition.  They’ve also just introduced a new 400 square foot patio for those that love to breath in the salty ocean air.  And if this weren’t enough, they’re expanding into 2 new locations.  More on that later.  First, we drink and eat.

Lushes everywhere rejoice!  SeaLegs has given us yet another reason for us to love them, craft cocktails!   In addition, they’ve introduced 3 new items to their menu that celebrate the rich flavors and textures of Fall.  Smoky, Fatty, Meaty, Tender, Moist.  You get the point.  Let the indulgence begin.

SeaLegs Wine Bar

SeaLegs Wine Bar










Let’s start with the libations.  SeaLegs has enlisted the top talent of Bar Chef Austin Bowler, originally from 320 Main, who brings his mixology expertise to SeaLegs guests, including his specialty of classic craft cocktails with an emphasis on “sours.”

It’s a nice day for a…Red Wedding.  Rum, Red Wine, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice,& Simple Syrup, garnished with Cherry, Lime, and a sugar rim.

Red Wedding at Sea Legs Wine Bar

Red Wedding at Sea Legs Wine Bar










Mint Gin Sour – Gin, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Fresh mint, and egg white

Mint Gin Sour - Sea Legs Wine Bar

Mint Gin Sour – Sea Legs Wine Bar










SeaLegs Irish Cream.  Irish Whiskey, house made chocolate syrup, coffee granules, vanilla extract & creme served over a rock

SeaLegs Irish Cream

SeaLegs Irish Cream










New York Sour.  Rye Whiskey, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, simple syrup, & egg white served with a red wine float.

New York Sour - SeaLegs

New York Sour – SeaLegs










The next 3 dishes are examples of food that I love.  In fact, when I got home and told my wife what we had.  Her immediate response was, “Whoa, those dishes have you written all over them.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Duck confit Shepherd’s Pie:  Crispy mashed potato cake, duck confit, carrots, parsnips, leeks, kale and duck gravy.

Duck Confit Shepherd's Pie - SeaLegs

Duck Confit Shepherd’s Pie – SeaLegs










Smoked Sea Salt Pork Belly Sliders,  Slow roasted Hills Farm Pork Belly with pineapple mango chutney, pickled mustard seeds, pickled jalapeño and fresno chiles, micro cilantro on a brioche bun
Smoked Sea Salt Pork Belly Sliders- SeaLegs

Smoked Sea Salt Pork Belly Sliders- SeaLegs










Cabernet Braised Short Rib with parsnip puree, sautéed mustard greens, apple confit, and parsnip chips
Cabernet Braised Short Rib - SeaLegs

Cabernet Braised Short Rib – SeaLegs










And just because I can have this now at SeaLegs.   Macallan 12 on a rock.

Macallan 12

Macallan 12










This next bit of news is exciting for frequent travelers like myself.  SeaLegs will be opening a new location at the new Terminal 2 in LAX.  It’s slated to open early next year and SeaLegs was chosen out of 500 plus restaurants vying for that spot, and has the distinction of being the only restaurant in this new terminal to represent Orange County.  An incredible feat that deserves serious congratulations.

As if this were not enough, they will be stepping outside the borders of Orange County yet again to open another location.  Just take the 5 South for about 3000 miles or so and you should get there in plenty of time for happy hour.  Belize.  Warm weather, beautiful beaches and now SeaLegs.  Sound familiar?

If this pace keeps up, you should be reading another post of ours about 1 year from now titled:  SeaLegs Opens Its Doors in Beijing!  In other news, Tea Farmers go bankrupt.


SeaLegs Wine Bar

21022 Beach Blvd #105

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Ph:  714-5346-5700

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