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Candy, Candy, Candy I Can’t Let You Go! See’s Candy at Tustin Market Place

Posted on 08 December 2013 by Danny


So true, Iggy.  So true.  If there is not a baby around to steal candy from, I highly suggest you visit See’s Candy’s newest location at the Tustin Market Place.  It just opened and it is the largest See’s yet! There are two candy counters for those who like to DIY their chocolate mixes, more floor space and extra registers for a speedy exit.  The store actually has the capability of expanding and contracting in size to accomodate busy periods of the year such as the holidays.  Kind of like your waist line.   During those busy periods, a wall partition is removed and voila!

See's Candy Event - Tustin Market Place

See’s Candy Event – Tustin Market Place









Chocolate and wine; a sinfully enjoyable pairing.   Guys, just add a surprise candlelit bubble bath to this recipe and you will have one very happy woman.  You can thank me later. Here’s a sample of some of the featured candy/wine pairings. These pairings were tested by the Domaine Somm Company AND food scientists so you know your date will be successful.  Barry White playing in the background wouldn’t hurt either.

Wine and Various Chocolates

Key Lime Truffle, Scotchmallow and Dark Raspberry Cream paired with a 2012 Ceágo Muscat Cenelli, Del Lago Clear Lake














You know, I’ve never been a huge peanut brittle fan.  That is until I tried theirs.   Let me tell you, the box I took home was gone in 2 days.  Oh the shame, the delicious shame! Both the Peanut Brittle and the Apricot Delight were paired with the 2009 Cargasacchi Vineyard Late Harvest Pinot Grigio, Invincible Sun, Sierra Madre Vineyard.

Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle











Apricot Delight

Apricot buttercream with chopped apricot and toasted coconut













At this point in the evening, I’m on a major sugar high and I’m starting to see things in threes.  Oh wait..

From left to right: the 2010 Rowland Tebb Pinot Noir (Durell Vineyard), 2009 Easton Wines Zinfandel, ‘Obscura’ Late Harvest (Rinaldi, Fiddletown), and the 2012 Trig Point Merlot (Diamond Dust Vineyard, Alexander Valley).












These three amazing wines were paired with…

Pecan Bud

Milk Pecan Buds. Pair with the Pinot Noir













Milk Patties and Dark Patties

Milk or Dark Chocolate Caramel Patties. Pair with the Zinfandel.









Dark chocolate

62% Dark Chocolate Bars. Pair with the Merlot.










And now to my favorite part of the evening; a sneak peak “backstage”. Tonight is really like being a kid in candy store…except with alcoholic beverages.  See’s is one of the few candy companies who still age their chocolate which enhances the flavor.  Many of their candies are still handmade and there are always free samples. How can you not love this place?










Behind the Counter

I’ll make sure to grab extra Bordeaux chocolates as they are my wife’s favorite (or as I call them, husband insurance). Oh, and both the Milk and dark chocolate pair with the Zinfandel).












Not one to pick out each individual piece?  Fret not.  See’s Candy has no shortage of preselected boxes for your confectionary pleasure.










Mary See.  Just like your grandmother…you know…except for that multi-million dollar candy empire thing.   Other than that, just like Grandma.

Mary See

Mary See













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