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Mo Ran Gak BBQ in Garden Grove – Satisfying Primal Urges of Meat and Fire

Posted on 19 January 2013 by Danny


When I found out my favorite Korean BBQ place closed down (Light Town House), a dramatic “Nooooooooooo!!!” was all I could say.  We gave the new restaurant that sprung up in its place a try but it didn’t match our expectations.  Fortunately, we’re in Garden Grove and Korean BBQ places are more common than 20 year old blondes in Hugh Hefner’s bed.

After doing a little research, I discovered Mo Ran Gak BBQ on Garden Grove Blvd had a pretty full parking lot.  Hustle and bustle is always a good sign.  So we decided to try it and thank god we did.  My Korean BBQ torch has been passed to them.

Steamed Egg Pot.  A more fun way to eat scrambled eggs.

Steamed Egg Pot










Bubbling Tofu Soup.  Tofu has a tendency to really hold that hot temperature.  So shovel it all in really fast!

Bubbling Tofu Soup










Mool Naeng Myun.  Say that 5 times.  For those who haven’t had it, its noodles served in an ice cold broth.  The chewiness of the buckwheat noodles and the ice cold broth just works, especially as a break from stuffing your face with BBQ.

Mool Naeng Myun - Cold slurpy deliciousness

Mool Naeng Myun – Cold slurpy deliciousness










Is there anything more beautiful than this?  Brisket and Galbi.

Brisket and Shortribs

Meat Porn










Time to get grilly.











This is actually the first time ever having brisket at Korean BBQ.  It was great but Galbi short ribs will always be my favorite.

Satisfying Primal Urges with Meat and Fire

Satisfying Primal Urges with Meat and Fire











More Primal Urge Satisfaction










Primal urges met.  Check.  Full and Happy.  Check.

Go here people.  Now!!!


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