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High Time for High Tea in the OC – Seventh Tea Bar

Posted on 25 December 2012 by Danny


Do thoughts of “pinky in the air” snootiness enter your mind when you think of drinking tea?  Well those thoughts have no place at Seventh Tea Bar, opening January 2nd at the OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa.  Last week, we got to check out what’s in store for next year.  Also it’s good to note that Seventh Tea Bar is brought to you by Jeff and Christa Duggan, the owners of the popular Portola Coffee Bar right next door.

Seventh Tea Bar

Seventh Tea Bar

















A preview of good things to come.  Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwiches.  This is more than your ordinary Chicken Salad in that they take it up a notch by smoking the chicken.  Instead of mayo, they use Greek yogurt vinaigrette.  Lastly, they replace celery with Green Apple and Scallions.


Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich












Gravalox Glory.  Best sandwich ever.  House cured citrus salmon, shallot caper relish, dill creme fraiche, sliced heirlooms.   I went back for seconds and was sadly greeted with an empty plate.  🙁  The return trip to Seventh Tea is worth it just for this.

Gravalax Glory












Delicious scones and croissants.






















Delicious spreads for breads:  Curried Tomato Chutney and Strawberry Black Pepper Jam.

Curried Tomato Chutney












Strawberry Black Pepper Jam










The staff at Seventh Tea Bar took us through the process of making that perfect cup using various techniques from around the world.  In addition, they used some techniques borrowed from their experience in the coffee world.  This barrista is using a trifecta press which is normally used for coffee extraction.  In this case, it was used to extract the most flavor for a cup of Yunnan Gold Tip tea.


Seventh Tea Barrista





















The staff at Seventh Tea Bar was so enthusiastic, even my 2 month old was captivated!

Intrigued Baby Learning about Tea












Most American’s tea experiences come from iced tea or bagged tea.  In the case of these teas, the leaves used are often the leftovers after the higher quality leaves have been processed.  These leftovers, otherwise known as fannings, often lead to a bitter product.  Seventh Tea Bar on the other hand, uses only the highest quality whole leaf tea for your drinking pleasure.




















We were also treated to some oolong tea served in a traditional gaiwan which is the cup you see demonstrated below.  The leaves are placed in the cup with hot water, after the leaves have steeped, the lid can be used to strain the leaves to pour into another cup or you can drink straight from the gaiwan itself.









Dragonwell Third is a Chinese green tea, milder than it’s Japanese counterpart.

Dragonwell Third Tea










Dragonwell Third Tea










For those with a sweet tooth, truffles!  To throw in a little tea time twist, the chocolate is mixed with Early Grey Tea!









If you’re a seasoned tea drinker or a novice like most of us, Seventh Tea Bar will deliver a fun experience!


A Final Taste












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  1. Christina says:

    You know, I have been to a few pinky-in-the-air type tea places in the past year, and I have to say, this place looks great! This may see weird, but I judge a place by the finger sandwiches they serve. Those sandwiches pictured look divine!

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