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Christmas Comes Early for Orange County Pizza Lovers!

Posted on 12 December 2012 by Danny


Last week, Pitfire Pizza opened their first location in Orange County!  It’s on 17th Street in Costa Mesa.  With 5 locations already in LA, it’s about time!  We got a sneak peak a day before the grand opening last week and have to say, this place f*#$n rocks.

The overall vibe of this Pitfire Pizza gives homage to the surrounding area with subtle beach and surf themes that aren’t over the top” kowabunga dude” type decor.  Nicely done.

There’s a great bar at the front of the restaurant with selection of wine and cocktails that pare well with the Pitfire menu.  First up, the Flamin P which has reposado tequila, jalepeno honey, pink grapefruit soda, and mint.    Spicy and sweet.









Here are those wines.  At the recommendation of the chef, I tried their Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah.  Deep flavor perfect for the conga line of pizza’s we’re about to enjoy.

Pitfire Selection of Wines










For starters, their Flatbread and Ricotta prepared with garlic oil, parmesan, parsley herb ricotta, dried tomato and olive and California EV Olive Oil.

Flatbread & Ricotta










Chicken Meatballs that are roasted and then braised with tomato sauce, grana (a hard Italian cheese) and grilled bread.

Hand Crafted Chicken Meatballs










Their Roasted Pear Salad is one of the best salads I’ve ever had and is on their fall seasonal menu.  It’s served with bosc pears, dates, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, mixed lettuces and a fig and olive vinaigrette.

Roasted Pear Salad










Now for the main attractions.  Pizza!  Glorious pizza.  There wasn’t a non-tasty one in the bunch.  As most of us know, great pizza all starts with a great crust and Pitfire Pizza’s oven churn these masterpieces out for your viewing pleasure.

Their Burrata Pie has a tomato sauce base and is topped with caramelized onion,  a decadently creamy burrata cheese, wild arugula, hazelnut and pesto drizzle.

Burrata Pie










From this point forward, when fall rolls around each year, their Roasted Pumpkin Pizza will be on my mind.  Only on their seasonal menu, it’s rich fall flavors and textures in a pie:  sage roasted winter squash, wild greens, fontina cheese, toasted pepitas  (pumpkin seeds), and pumpkin seed oil.

Roast Pumpkin Pizza










Another item from their fall seasonal menu, their Brussel Sprouts and Bacon Pizza prepared with brussel leaves, cream, bacon, garlic and parmesan.

Brussel Sprouts and Bacon Pizza










And then there’s the Sausage Party.  No, not the party you went to last week that you want to forget.  This meat lovers pizza has it all and will leave you satisfied.  It’s got Huntington fennel sausage, Zoe’s bacon, salami & prosciutto, tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and balsamic drizzle.  This was actually my favorite one of the night.

Sausage Party










Their Folded Style Pesto Chicken pizza has grilled chicken, pesto, basil, red onion and four cheeses.

Folded Style Pesto Chicken










Now that we’ve devoured enough pizzas to equal Kirstie Alley’s midnight snack, it’s time to move on to some other tasty stuff.

Their Chicken and Mushroom Cavatappi is creamy deliciousness.  It’s prepared with forest mushrooms, grilled chicken, wild arugula, porcini lemon cream and parmesan.

Chicken and Mushroom Cavatappi










Their Veggie Platter is another homage to their seasonal menu.  Today, we’re treated to kale with golden raisins and pine nuts, fall squash with honey and mint, farro salad with roasted mushrooms and hazelnuts, roasted Brussels sprouts, garlic parmesan dressing served with heirloom beans.  Even hardcore carnivores will like vegetables if they’re prepared like this.

Farmer’s Market Vegetable Platter










Last savory dish of the night is their Linguine Bolognese.  Spinach linguine, house made beef ragu.  Simple and delicious.

Linguini Bolognese










To end the night, their Pitfire Smothered Cookie.   Topped with organic soft serve, hazelnuts and chocolate sauce.

Pitfire Smothered Cookie










At the end of the night we were let in on a special secret that this Pitfire Pizza is hiding.  Unfortunately, I’d have to immediately kill you after letting you in on it.  However, fret not.  It’s just a matter of time before it’s unveiled.  When it is, you will pleased.

Pitfire Artisan Pizza on Urbanspoon

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