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When Being Yelled at by the Restaurant Staff is a Good Thing! – Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley

Posted on 17 November 2012 by Danny


A quiet dinner for 2.  White table cloths.  We start off with sips of Chardonnay while waiting for our first course to arrive, all the while enjoying the classical music playing softly in the background.


Camera wipes to scene of a blazing hibachi grill, sizzling plates of skewered meat being delivered to tables, servers and chefs welcoming their guests with yells that would wake the dead, and the latest Japanese pop tunes blasting over the PA.  You are at Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley.

What’s not to love?

Spinach with Black Sesame Sauce

Soft Shell Crab

















Pork Belly, Chicken Cartilage, and Chicken Something

Chicken Meatballs










Chicken Skin, Pork Wrapped Okra, Chicken Heart and Chicken Something











Fried Octopus










Pork Wrapped Asparagus










Grilled Pig’s Feet










It seems like a long time since we’ve been here, maybe about 2 months or so.  Having a newborn tends to do that.  For now, I guess I’ll have to trade the servers’ screams for our baby’s screams. 🙂
Shin Sen Gumi Robata Yakitori on Urbanspoon

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