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Brussels Bistro in Laguna Beach: Where Bad Days Go To Die

Posted on 27 April 2012 by Danny


Tough day at the office?  I have a simple solution.  Go to Brussels Bistro in Laguna Beach to drink lots of beer and eat great food.

Brussels Bistro

Brussels Bistro










Brussels Bistro is a Belgian restaurant that we’ve been going to for a while.  You’ll like the fun atmosphere that’s great for any occasion.  Fancy dinner, complete inebriation, etc.

When you’re here, you need to get their Belgian Beer Tasting.  You have a choice of 4 beers from their list, all just for 9 bucks.


Beer Chugging...I mean Tasting.

Beer Chugging…I mean Tasting.










I decided to order their unique daily special which was Deboned Quail stuffed with Bread, Raisins, and Quail meat.  It’s served with sauteed Brussels Sprouts, Gratin Potatoes, and 2 strips of crunchy Bacon.  A raisin reduction sauce adds a slight sweetness to each bite.

Deboned Stuffed Quail, Gratin Potatoes

Deboned Stuffed Quail, Gratin Potatoes










Deboned Stuffed Quail

Deboned Stuffed Quail










Whenever I need a mussel fix, the first place that comes to mind is Brussels Bistro.

Mussels Mariniere

Mussels Mariniere










Cook mussels too long and they become shriveled and rubbery, which can be common at some restaurants.  Not here.  You have your choice of flavors including mariniere (white wine, onions, herbs), curry, garlic and 1 other that escapes my me.  We went with mariniere today.

Mussels Mariniere and Fries

Mussels Mariniere and Fries










The fries I tell you, the fries!  For me, almost as much of a draw as the mussels, especially since beer is being consumed. Dip them in copious amounts of mayonnaise or ketchup for maximum happiness.

So if you’re the kind of person that likes to eat food that tastes really good, you might want to go here.


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  1. Domas says:

    …and if you are up for some good house music come by Brussel’s on a Saturday night. We play deep, sexy, groovy and techy house music all night long. 🙂

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